QUAST 5.0 is released!

We are happy to announce a long-awaited major release of QUAST! QUAST 5.0.0 includes QUAST-LG (mode for evaluating large genome assemblies) and many other new features:

  • New k-mer-based completeness and correctness metrics
  • Enhanced reference-free analysis using BUSCO assessments
  • The concept of upper bound assembly (theoretical limits on the assembly completeness and contiguity for a given genome and set of reads)

The full list of changes is here. More details are in the manual and our ISMB 2018 proceedings paper.

Download the tool here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/quast/files/ or simply install it via pip (pip install quast), Bioconda (conda install -c conda-forge -c bioconda quast) or Brewsci/bio (brew install quast). You can try the online version of our tool here.