metaFlye paper is out in Nature Methods!

metaFlye is a new metagenomic-specific version of the Flye long-read genome assembler (ONT and PacBio sequencing).
The paper about the assembler and its application to real and simulated metagenomic datasets is out in Nature Methods (see SPbU press releases in Russian and English). The research project is a result of a collaboration of 11 Russian and American scientists which included two members of our laboratory, Alexey Gurevich and Mike Rayko. The assembler is developed by a UCSD postdoc Mikhael Kolmogorov, you can download and try it here. The research supervisor of the project is Pavel Pevzner, Professor at UCSD and Chief Advisor of the Center for Algorithmic Biotechnology.
The Lab participation in the project was supported by RSF # 19-16-00049.