EdCrunch Award 2018

 Online course “Introduction to Bioinformatics: Metagenomics” is one of the best in Russia and the CIS.

Online course “Introduction to Bioinformatics: Metagenomics”, authored and led by Professor of St. Petersburg State University, Deputy Director of the Center for Algorithmic Biotechnology Alla L. Lapidus, is a winner of the 4th international competition EdCrunch Award 2018 in the nomination “For the ability to clearly explain the most abstract ideas” (http://edtek.pro/award/pobediteli-2018.php — in Russian). The course was created with the participation of Mikhail Rayko (Center for Algorithmic Biotechnology at St. Petersburg State University), Nikolai Vyahhi (Director of the Institute of Bioinformatics, St. Petersburg), Pavel Dobrynin and Ekaterina Chernyaeva (St. Petersburg State University).

According to experts, “like another St. Petersburg State University course on bioinformatics (“Introduction to Bioinformatics”), this course is excellent and very close to the gold standard. Educational information is presented in a simple, accessible form, but at the same time at a high scientific and methodological level.”

The course “Introduction to Bioinformatics: Metagenomics” is available on platforms Coursera, Stepik and “Open Education”. The course “Introduction to Bioinformatics” is available on the Coursera platform. More than 35 thousand students have already taken St. Petersburg State University bioinformatics courses.