Russian President Scholarship

CAB junior research fellow Dmitry Meleshko received a Russian President Scholarship for young scientists (under 35 years) in prioritized economics sectors. His application describes plans for coronaSPAdes and PathRacer future development and was highly praised by the experts. This is the first member of CAB to receive this award!

metaFlye paper is out in Nature Methods!

metaFlye is a new metagenomic-specific version of the Flye long-read genome assembler (ONT and PacBio sequencing).
The paper about the assembler and its application to real and simulated metagenomic datasets is out in Nature Methods (see SPbU press releases in Russian and English). The research project is a result of a collaboration of 11 Russian and American scientists which included two members of our laboratory, 

BiATA brought up together over 400 scientists this year!

The fourth international conference “Bioinformatics: from Algorithms to Applications” (BiATA2020) moved online this year and was accompanied by a 2-day workshop on metagenomic data analysis. All pre-recorded talks are available online and can be found on BiATA2020 website.

We thank all speakers for presenting their great work and looking forward to the next year!

Meet our new product coronaSPAdes!

We are delighted to present novel SPAdes assembler mode — coronaSPAdes, created by our researchers Anton Korobeynikov and Dmitry Meleshko. CoronaSPAdes allows to assemble full-length coronaviridae genomes from the transcriptomic and metatranscriptomic data. For more details visit coronaSPAdes official page.

We hope that coronaSPAdes will accelerate the ongoing coronavirus research!

metaSPAdes in the latest MGnify pipeline!

EMBL-EBI presented the latest version of the MGnify 5 pipeline, which now uses metaSPAdes for all metagenome assemblies. Check out new version at EMBL-EBI website here. More detailed information on the latest release can be found in the original paper.

Congratulations to Anton Korobeynikov and all members of our laboratory,

SPbU Awards 2019 in Education

Members of the Center for Algorithmic Biotechnology were honored with St. Petersburg University annual scientific and educational awards (see all winners in Russian). Research Fellow Michael Rayko took the first place in the category of “Educational and methodical work” (for the SPbU Coursera online course “Introduction to Bioinformatics: Metagenomics”).

SPAdes 3.14 is out now!

Finally, SPAdes 3.14 is out! This release includes such new features as:

  • BiosyntheticSPAdes pipeline for identifying Biosynthetic Gene Clusters (BGCs);
  • Hybrid transcriptome assembly (Illumina RNA-Seq + Iso-seq / ONT RNA);
  • Plasmid assembly from metagenomic datasets;
  • New –isolate option that improves assembly quality of standard datasets with high coverage;