SPAdes 3.13 is released

New SPAdes 3.13 includes significant improvements in rnaSPAdes pipeline and several important fixes.

Note, that dipSPAdes is not supported anymore and was removed from SPAdes package.

Full list can be found in changelog.

EdCrunch Award 2018

Онлайн-курс «Введение в биоинформатику: метагеномика» – один из лучших в России и СНГ. 
Онлайн-курс «Введение в биоинформатику: метагеномика», автором и руководителем которого является профессор СПбГУ, заместитель директора Центра алгоритмической биотехнологии Алла Львовна Лапидус, стал победителем IV международного конкурса EdCrunch Award 2018 в номинации «За способность понятно объяснять самые абстрактные идеи» ( В разработке курса приняли участие Михаил Райко (сотрудник Центра алгоритмической биотехнологии СПбГУ), 

QUAST 5.0 is released!

We are happy to announce a long-awaited major release of QUAST! QUAST 5.0.0 includes QUAST-LG (mode for evaluating large genome assemblies) and many other new features:

  • New k-mer-based completeness and correctness metrics
  • Enhanced reference-free analysis using BUSCO assessments
  • The concept of upper bound assembly (theoretical limits on the assembly completeness and contiguity for a given genome and set of reads)

The full list of changes is here.

SPAdes 3.12 is released

We are proud to announce a new version of SPAdes. SPAdes 3.12 contains several major improvements:

  • Support for merged paired-end reads
  • Experimental version of hybrid metagenome assembly pipeline
  • The stand-alone useful tools: k-mer counting, assembly graph construction and alingner for long reads to the graph
  • Performance improvements

Full list can be found in changelog

Web of Science Awards 2017

A research fellow from the Center for Algorithmic Biotechnology, Alexey Gurevich, has been honored with the Web of Science Award 2017 for his work on SPAdes, QUAST and Dereplicator projects. This annual award is presented to honor Russian individual researchers and organisations in various fields of study that have the largest number of highly cited publications in Web of Science Core Collection in the preceding year.

rnaQUAST 1.5 is released!

A new version of rnaQUAST contains important fixes of several usability problems detected by our users.

rnaQUAST is a software for quality evaluation of de novo transcriptome assemblies using reference genome and gene database.

SPAdes 3.11 is released!

A new version of SPAdes is finally out. In this release you will see many nice improvements, e.g.

  • Reworked IonHammer module
  • Major improvements in metaSPAdes pipeline
  • Support for strand-specific data and coverage-based isoform detection in rnaSPAdes
  • exSPAnder repeat resolution is improved in terms of both performance and repeat resolution accuracy
  • Better RAM consumption and running time in general
  • Improved careful mode for isolate datasets
  • Several important bug-fixes