Dmitry Antipov

Junior Research Fellow


2009 – current: PhD student, St. Petersburg State University, Mathematics & Mechanics Faculty, Department of Computer Science.
2003 – 2009: St. Petersburg State University, Mathematics & Mechanics Faculty, Department of Algebra (diploma thesis: “Reducibility for disjoint NP-pairs with advice”).


2010 – sllver medal on ACM ICPC World Finals.
2009, 2004 – 6th place on NorthEastern European Regional Contest.
2004, 2005, 2009 – SPbSU programming contests champion.


2008: junior software engineer (intern), JetBrains.
2009 – 2010: junior software engineer (intern) Yandex.
2010 – 2011: (junior) software engineer, Vkontakte.

Scientific interests:

structural complexity theory,
effective algorithms,
paired de Bruijn graphs,
genome assemblers.



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