Anton Korobeynikov

Leading Research Fellow

Associate Professor
Saint Petersburg State University,
Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, Department of Statistical Modelling

Universitetskiy 28
198504, Stary Peterhof, Saint Petersburg, Russia



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  2. Nurk S., Bankevich A., Antipov D., Gurevich A., Korobeynikov A., Lapidus A., Prjibelski A., Pyshkin A., Sirotkin A., Sirotkin Y., Stepanauskas R., McLean J., Lasken R., Clingenpeel S., Woyke T., Tesler G., Alekseyev M. A., Pevzner P. A. Assembling Genomes and Mini-metagenomes from Highly Chimeric Reads. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2013
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